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Winter & Spring Camps and Clinics

Shooting Tips with Jen Adams (Loyola Head Coach)

Adams is ranked first all-time in NCAA women's lacrosse scoring with 445 career points, 267 goals, & 178 assists in 86 games

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Sports Training

Shropshire Sports Training:

Click for more info or contact Coach Mark Shropshire (443) 865-1938

The Training Plan

The training plan in written and designed based off of the individual initial evaluation. I am not a believer in “sport specific” training programs. Rather, I am a believer in training programs that address individual needs as it pertains to an athletes sport. Symmetric movement is the foundation for any good training program. With out it the risk of injury during training

or sport is increased.  An example of the training process is as follows:

     •     Initial warm up

     •     Hip-core-shoulder activation

     •     Balance

     •     Active and dynamic flexibility and mobility exercises

     •     Footwork and agility training

     •     Proprioceptive and or dynamic plyometrics

     •     Acceleration training/speed training

     •     Individual exercise programing (based on evaluation of individual needs)

     •     Flexibility training

Each supervised training session is done in small groups and  lasts 90 minutes.

IWLCA College Summer Camps & Clinics

Summer Camps and Clinics

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